iS iRacing Listening?

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Does iRacing do a good job of keeping the community informed on pipeline developments? There are certain topics that continually cycle through the forums, some due to a newbie’s inability to locate the search box, but others because they make a lot sense. Puzzling would be an apropos description of their non-existence four full years after IR’s launch.

iS iRacing listening?

iRacing started their own forum thread that was supposed to list on-going developments, but aside from track scanning on the horizon and new cars on the drawing board, essentially mum is the word. With ‘Deadline Wolves’ bearing fangs at the gate and always on alert, it’s easy to understand why information is trickled to the community.  From the outside looking in it’s tough to gauge iRacing’s specific itinerary and priorities. We’re tossed golden nuggets on occasion with which we try to divine what the future may hold.  What is infinitely more intriguing is how well iRacing is listening, and to what extent the opinions of the community affect development.

Here are some of the hot buttons that have been pushed on numerous occasions in no particular order. As well, a couple fresh faces are tossed in the mix.

-Dynamic Weather – Long long long long overdue, everyone is rather tired of driving on the sterile sun-filled holodeck.
-Best Ten Lap Avg – Bring the Time Trial functionality to practice available for export.
-Pit Row Updates – IR Will forever be arcadish with the ghost environment, lack of crews and no penalties for driving through all the stalls.
-Rubber Buildup – See Dynamic Weather
-Car Specific Ratings – No opinion here.
-Tire Model – WIP understandably, flats spots anyone?
-Car Viewer – Avoid having to open the game over and over again…a painters dream
-Crew Chief – vSim’s pick for having the biggest future potential.
-Physics Anomalies – See Wile E Coyote for details.
-Heat in Brakes/fade – How exactly did JJ blow that tire at Phoenix?
-Damage Model/Repair – Two separate issues , got duct tape, prefabbed clips and spare parts in that war wagon?
-Virtual Tachometer – If  it’s ok for a mirror, why not a tach?
-Lucky Dog - Wishy-washy implementation. A rule is a rule is a rule.
-Driver Protests – Transparency,  should penalty lists be public?
-Hostile Takeover – A semi tongue-in-cheek proposal to purchase Sim Raceway based on recent vehicle implementation by SRW.
-Define Off Track Parameters – Try to iron out the inconsistencies
-Race Atmosphere – Anthems, Fly By’s , interactive fans (bigger fish to fry).
-Ghost Car – Ability to do so in Practice.

By the way, I’ve heard nary a discussion on the spotter functionality.  Has anyone been tracking it’s usage?  Team racing and endurance racing is a niche inside a niche, an enigma inside a riddle have you. Meanwhile we’re racing inside a blue-skied prescription bottle on the outskirts of Pleasantville.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, we all know this and there’s no denying the hard effort they consistently put forth. However, are the natives getting restless? How well do you think the men and women behind the Dilbert cubicles of iRacing are listening and communicating (specifically on priorities and itinerary) to the desires of the community?

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